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18% OFF The Settlers: New Allies Uplay CD Key EU

The Settlers: New Allies Uplay CD Key EU

USD 64.48

USD 52.66 -18%
Tags: RPG
Stock: In Stock
Product Description

The Settlers: New Allies is a strategy game with an in-depth build-up experience and real-time strategic battles.


Fully reimagined from the ground up, with stunning graphics and detailed animations.

Choose among three factions: the Elari, the Maru, and the Jorn. Each has a unique look, playstyle, and background story.

Experience a story-driven campaign set in the world of the Settlers, or go for the special Hardcore mode and its additional challenges.

Play online with up to eight players in thrilling skirmish battles against other players or AI for long-lasting fun.

Get the most out of your game experience with the The Settlers®: New Allies Deluxe Edition, including the game, the Deluxe Pack, and the Explorer Pack.



The Settlers: New Allies combines a fresh take on the popular gameplay mechanics of the series with a new spin. It offers a deep infrastructure and economy gameplay, used to create and employ armies, to ultimately defeat opponents.



3 playable, distinctive factions – the Elari, the Maru and the Jorn – can be found in The Settlers: New Allies. Each with a unique look and play style. At the heart of every match is gaining resources and building up your economy to recruit new settlers and a directly controllable, winning army. Research upgrades for your army and strengthen them by recruiting support and siege units.



Various online multiplayer modes with up to 8 players offer thrilling skirmish battles against other players or AI for long-lasting fun. A story driven campaign will immerse the players into the world of The Settlers: New Allies, while new players can learn the basic mechanics in a separate tutorial.


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